GUI Enhanced Data Storage Business Continuity is the only
complete private cloud-based business continuity solution available
today. With continuous data mirroring, provide the security and
reliability that you deserve. Provide a second tier of data protection
by sending data offsite. The bottom line is never again be concerned
about data loss.
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GEDS+ is the only complete private cloud-based virtual
infrastructure solution available today with inherent business
continuity and data protection. Take advantage of easy to deploy,
high performance virtual desktops and servers. Our highly available
infrastructure provides more fault tolerance and hardware
protection than existing solutions for a fraction of the cost, limiting
user downtime and reducing costs for unexpected disaster
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The Business Continuity and Virtual Infrastructure platforms offers
unparalleled security, recovery, and storage solutions.
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The eDisccovery process encompasses the seizure, forensic imaging
and analysis of digital media and the production of a report into
collected evidence for the benefit of an employer. Digital forensics
can be used to attribute evidence to specific persons, confirm alibis
or statements, determine intent, identify sources, or authenticate
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