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During the recession, businesses are faced with tough choices affecting funding,
staffing and project priorities. Companies are resistant about making IT investments
and "make do" with an aging infrastructure. However, putting off making IT
investments can only last so long without impacting the business. Smart executives
are seeking cost-effective ways to reinvest in their IT infrastructure and position it for

On-demand Services and Support

    1.  You need a low risk way to get access to incremental IT resources  without  
    a long term commitment.

    2.  Your users need 24/7 support.

    3.  You have a mobile workforce that requires remote support across multiple
    time zones and in different technology environments (hotel, regional office,
    home office, multiple mobile devices).

    4.   You would rather access support expertise on an as needed basis versus
    staff full time.

    5.   You're experiencing too much downtime on mission critical applications
    like email.

    6.   You want proactive management and 24/7 monitoring of key systems.

    7.   You want to ensure all your key databases are backed up and quickly

    8.   You want to mitigate the capital expenditures to buy, implement and
    upgrade your own technology.

    9.   You want your internal IT staff to focus on business driving applications,
    not routine issues.

    10.  Your organization is highly dispersed geographically and has to support
    several different locations.
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