Digital Forensics
What good to protecting your data to hackers, if you do not have
your data for yourself? Backing up your data is the biggest step in
preventing data loss.

We all have lost a file we have been working on. Remember what it
was like having to recreate that information again? Now imagine
having to recreate every file you have worked on since the company

If you cannot get your company back up in running in a small time
window, you may never recover from data loss. Having proper
backup procedures in place is crucial for data integrity.  These
procedures need to not only include performing regular backups,
but storing these backups in remote locations for disaster recovery.

Virus protection is also a must for data integrity. Any system that
has access to the internet, be it a PC, MAC, Unix system or Linux
system, needs to have antivirus software installed to protect it from

Also, if the antivirus software does not have the capability of
detecting Malware (and a lot of antivirus programs do not) then you
also need to be sure to have some software installed that can
detect and eliminate malware.
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