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 There is a simple quiz you can ask yourself to determine is your
company needs a Disaster Recovery plan: "Can my business
continue to function without my servers?"

 Unless your answer is, "Yes, my business can continue to function
without the data on my servers” then you need to have a disaster
recovery plan in place. There are many items that you need to keep
in mind when setting up a disaster recovery. They include:

What data do I need in order to continue day to day operations in
my business?

How long can I go without access to the data?

How recent does the data need to be?

How much would a disaster cost my company?

What is the cost of my disaster recovery plan?

What types of disasters are possible, and how long could it affect my

These are all important questions that need to be answered before
deciding what Disaster Recovery plan to put in place. Without doing
the research before investing in a plan, how are you to know if you
are spending too much (or not enough) on the plan? If in doubt, it is
always best to hire a consultant that is familiar with not only what is
needed to keep a business going, but what it would take to recover
from a disaster.

You do not want to wait until the disaster occurs before deciding
how to recover.  If it takes too long for your business to start being
productive again, there may not be a reason to try to recover.
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