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   In today’s economy, many small and medium-sized businesses try
to save money any way possible, which usually means they cut costs
on IT and therefore do not have adequate network security. While
IT is usually viewed as an overhead expense to a business, think
about everything that your company uses IT for: e-mail, inventory,
sales, accounting, and market research.

   Can your company survive without these services in place? While
most of these tasks can be done by hand, can your business rely on
waiting 3 days for a letter to arrive to a client, and at least another
3 days for a response? With today’s fast paced, I-want-it-now
environment, a company would not survive if they did not have the
resources available to deliver.  

   Network security is an expense, but it will help your business to
not only survive but grow. Instead of picturing network security as a
technical concern, view it as what it really is: a business continuity

   There are ways to cut costs in network security, without cutting
the need for network security. For most small and medium-sized
businesses, there is usually not room in a budget for a full-time IT
professional that is knowledgeable enough to setup and secure the
network environment.

   This is where outsourcing is a viable option. By outsourcing your IT
security needs, you gain access to a knowledgeable IT team, for a
fraction of the price of keeping a single IT security professional on
your payroll.
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