Bare Metal Recovery
GUI Enhanced Data Storage continuously captures data on desktops and servers providing
near real time protection as data is written to GEDS CS.  Data captures are VSS aware,
occurring at the block level.
Continuous Data Mirroring
Failover Virtualization
Data Recovery
Data recovery occurs in minutes and is application independent; any application's data can
be accessed.
Eliminate the need for spare hardware by virtualizing desktops and servers from mirrored
Tired of keeping exact duplicates of hardware onsite in the event of a catastrophic failure?
Bare Metal Recovery allows for mirrored data to be restored to dissimilar hardware
increase your recovery time.
Continuous Data Mirroring
Data Recovery
Offsite Transfer
Monitoring and Management
Business Continuity
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GEDS+ uses any previous full backup to easily restore individual mailbox items directly to
your production Exchange server or any PST file.
Take the next step in securing your data with GEDS by replicating data from the GEDS CS to
offsite storage or choose to send your data to an offsite network share or USB drive.
Granular Exchange Recovery
Offsite Transfer
GEDS comes with a web-based management console to administer virtual machines,
manage cloud servers, and virtual data centers. It can be accessed remotely or locally from
any web browser with flash support.