Virtual Templates
Enables the management and optimization of computing resources in a secure and
compliant manner across physical, virtual and cloud environments to deliver business
services for end customers. CPU, memory and storage resources are allocated to each
virtual workload.  These resources can be expanded as requirements change.
Workload Management
High Availability
High availability protects companies from lost revenue when access to their data resources
and critical business applications is disrupted. In the worst case scenario, entire cloud
servers can fail. However your virtual infrastructure will continue to function.  Downtime
and work interruptions are severely limited.
Simply add in more GUI Enhanced Data Storage Cloud Servers for more processing and
RAM resources or to add to the storage pool.  The more GEDS CS added, the higher the
availability of the entire solution. By making workloads "intelligent" so that they can
effectively manage themselves in terms of where they run, how they run, and who can
access them, intelligent workload management addresses these issues in a way that is
efficient, flexible, and scalable.
There are several benefits to using virtual templates. Templates help reduce the amount of
time it takes to build a virtual desktop or server and can be used to standardize
configuration settings along large deployments.
Workload Management
High Availability
Virtual Templates
Virtual Solutions
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Cloud Clients can be used to replace traditional desktop systems.  They save workspace,
consume less power, and produce less heat than traditional desktops. Cloud computing
improves agility, reduces costs, increases security, reliability, performance, and adds
scalability to your organization.
Retain data for seven to ninety days or with GEDS Business Continuity retain data
Cloud Clients
Data Retention
The revolutionary cloud file system protects and preserves data the moment it is written.  
Data can be seamlessly recovered in the background without the users even knowing there
was a problem. GEDS prioritizes its caching system, enhancing system performance
Data Protection